Talking Stick Support We've brought together some of the most asked questions to help you along the way.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Talking Stick?

    Talking Stick is a mobile application that helps you to be with your groups of friends through live video-streaming. Simply invite the people you want to join your moment and you will be automatically video-streaming yourself to them. They can choose to just watch along or they can add in their own video to be a part of the moment.

  • Why would I use this?

    Authenticity is spontaneous. It's now as easy to be live as it is to send a group text message. You can quickly experience moments together with the people you care about without having to invest lots of time, planning, or exclusivity. It provides a face-to-face, spontaneous, live interaction with friends from all over.

  • So is this like Periscope?

    Well, sort of. Talking Stick takes the live-video streaming of Periscope and makes it more personal and relational. Only the people you invite can see it and things get really fun when your friends can join in and add their moments. Then, the live stream rotates between each of the users to create a dynamic video interaction.

  • How do I start a moment?

    It's easy. Click the giant red plus button at the bottom of the screen and select the friends that you want to stream to. Press the start button in the upper right or add in a title. Your chosen ones will all get a push notification inviting them to your live moment. From there, they can just watch you, or they can add their own video to the moment and the video will start rotating between each person in dynamic 30-second increments.

  • What are Reactions?

    The emojis of the Talking Stick world. When someone else is streaming their video you can tap on the screen to send them a Reaction. They will get to see the Reaction float up from your picture so they know it’s from you.

  • What if nobody shows up to the moment?

    While Talking Stick is designed to solve a lot of the problems that being live creates, sometimes it can still be difficult for everyone to show up immediately. Sometimes it may take a few minutes for everyone to roll in. That’s okay! You’re still cool and your friends still like you. Just use this time to perfect your Christopher Walken impression until people can join in.
    The best solution to help with this is to invite multiple people. That way at least a few of them are likely to be available, show up, and join in live!

  • Do I have to share my video like a video chat?

    We know that it's difficult to always be in a position to share your video (like when you are in the bathroom, we wouldn’t want to see that either). Instead of forcing everyone to share video, we give the option to only watch what's happening. That way, you can sit back in your bathtub and be entertained by your group’s moments while still being a part of it by watching along and sending Reactions.

  • How can I help spread this awesome app!?

    We're glad you asked! We have a crazy awesome team that’s pumped about our crazy awesome product and we’d love for you to join us!

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